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Mobility organisation

Mobility programs and internships for VET & HEI students, staff, graduates, youth and professionals, willing to gain practice and experience


Europass Mobility Document and ECVET (European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training) evaluation by professional mentors

Travel arrangements

Flights, ferries or trains to reach your destination, assistance in local transportation and all other travel services for groups and individuals

Introduction to Lithuania

Friendly people, beautiful nature and cities, combining advantages of modern life and cultural heritage of centuries. Click icon for more information.

Cultural improvement

Mobility is not only for professional but also for your cultural improvement. Lithuania meets you with many cultural attractions and friendly local people.

Introduction to Palanga

Palanga is a lovely seaside resort by the Baltic sea, combining advantages of modern city and natural environment. Click icon for more information.

 About us

About us

Solneda is an educational organization specialized in international mobility, acting both as hosting and sending partner. We are located in Palanga - a lovely seaside resort by the Baltic sea.

Our mission: to bring the benefits of international mobility to EU citizens improving their social, cultural and professional skills and competences.


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